My name is Vegard Haugland. I am also known as v3gard on various forums and IRC channels.

An image of me photographing a Border Collie.

Besides photography, my main interest is computers and almost everything related to them. I enjoy keeping up with the developments in the computing and technological world, and especially those related to information security and open source software.

I assume this blog will not make much sense to the casual reader. The stuff I write about more or less reflect my interests, which (strangely enough) don’t conform to the norms associated with blogging in todays society.

That being said, the contents of the blog pretty much resembles its title; notes and ramblings. If I find something interesting, I’ll write a note, and ramble on about it. Why, you ask? Well. it’s mostly for personal gain, as elaborating on a topic both increases my knowledge and my vocabulary. Win-win, right?

Once of the things I absolutely love about life is learning new things. Whether it is how to play a game, how to perform a card trick, how to solve a logical or mathematical problem or even how to cook a meal. Sure, some things are easier (and more fun!) to learn than other things, but in essence it’s all the same. When you learn something new, you expand your own horizon, you increase your knowledge about what you’ve learned, and you start seeing things in a different way. As Clay P. Bedford once said,

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.

Feel free to explore my website. If you wish to contact me, you’re welcome to leave a comment. You can also reach me on EFnet and Freenode using the nick v3gard.


If you are interested in sending me encrypted e-mail, my GPG key is located here.

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